Friday, October 1, 2010

blondes RED HEADS have more fun ;D

i have RED hair!!!
Not red highlights, or auburn color... it's like BURGUNDY!!! lol 
It was actually a tragic event... 
i had decided a couple of weeks ago that next time i dyed i'd go red :)
So, i started Google-ing the best at home kits.  Over and over Loreal Color Excellence for Dark Hair only came up.  So, first thing Thursday i trotted down to Sally Beauty to pick up the supplies i would need for my new do. After some deliberation i chose Red Hot, sounds sexy, eh?  After i was done i washed and dried my hair... the roots were BRIGHT red (think Kat Von D), but the rest was DARK still :/ so being the clever gal i am, i decided to go back and get another bottle, this time applying it the the lower half only.  I went back to the store, a little less brave (but proud i had problem solved my way out of it), BUTTTTT... Lo and Behold! they were out of that color! :( so i settled on the next color over (slightly darker), Intense Red, thinking it would cover the last.  This time i let the color soak in to my lower half for thirty minutes, then applied to my roots for 10.  The ending result was better, but it is still quite a bit lighter on top :O lol  I have washed it several times, and each time it looks better.  So, i think i can live a hat-less life :) :) :)
my newww hair :) this picture doesn't do it justice!!! lol i will try to post more pictures soon :)

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