Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I am... :)

I am... love with my savior -Jesus Christ, 1/16 Indian (hence, the cheek bones ;D), pear shaped, married, Kansan: ROCK CHALK JAY HAWKS!, compassionate, an aunt (3 nephews, 4 nieces), Baby Peach on Mario Cart (every time :) lol), addicted to Smallville, Creative, a. n i g h t. o w l., horrible at math and Halo, crazy about my soldier :), a planner (stupid army :P), the world's worst bowler, sarcastic, Percy's (my schnauzer) mommy <3, cursed with an unforgiving conscience, f e a r l e s s (, a nomad, a music connoisseur, a recovering shoe-aholic, terrible at forgiving, dancing queen (in my own fantasies that is ;D), the blanket thief, lovin the look of class A's on my man :D, Audrey Hepburn devotee, in the wrong era- give me the 1950's please :), LOST. i have no clue what i want to do with my life :P, The Pickle Princess, t a l k a t i v e - i can strike up a convo about almost anything!, SiLLY 8), a doodler, a believer in bubble baths and retail therapy, 20!, the girl with a bubble butt, the baby <3, sick of good bye's, my momma's best friend, a nerdy girl, fifi (friend to Newton, Peaches Wilson, and Dotty P), resident of apartment #9, not the least bit sleepy even though it's 1:30 AM, the problem solver, f r e c k l e d, a giver (just ask), a rarity...

Done with this entry :)


  1. just a minor correction deary, you have 3 nephews and 4 nieces! :)

  2. oops. my bad! you're right :) i'm just so used to saying it the other way... fixed it!