Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 8:: Terd Fergusons & Karma :)

Someone who has made your life Hell
...or treated you like Crap.

Hmmmm... currently no one is being mean to me.
  But believe me, i have had my share of Terd Fergusons in my life :P

In Kindergarten, it was Megan Hartsil.  Yick!  She told me she couldn't be my friend because i was FAT.

In second through fourth grade, Rochelle Wright made my life hell.  She was blonde, popular (well, among the elementary folk!), had perfect hand writing, cute clothes, and she loved to remind me (EVERYDAY) that i had exactly...
of those things :P

Through Junior High and High School it was one of my closest friends. 
She had been my friend since we were seven, and the older we got the more harsh her "compliments" got.  She used to inform me that my hips were "child bearing" hips, remind me i couldn't shop at the same store as her, and convince me i was lucky "because no one would date me just for my looks"!
Then, when i started loosing weight, she said I had a "skeleton face".
Needless to say, we don't keep in touch ;D

There have been many people trying to hurt me and make me miserable, but they can't if i don't let them :)
So, it's up to me to stop those terd-o ferg-os :P

ps. you may be happy to know the last "friend" that used to make mean compliments about my hips, is now FAT! 
HA! KARMA, BABY :) :) :)


  1. Great post, school kids are so unkind. I so hope i've taught my children to be nice to everyone.
    Love love your ps comment.
    Oh and thanks for the heads up on the veggie tales movie will be watching out for that. To watch with my daughter and adore the song.

    Joanne x

  2. School is rough! Its so sad that its all about how you look, but that's the way society is making it! I had kids be harsh to me because i wasn't your average size. I also had heavier girls be mean to me because they were jealous. I was always nice and would do anything for anyone, but you know that doesn't help anything.
    You are beautiful inside and out!!!

  3. You ladies are both right! Some kids are very mean, but i know that there are kids that are kind and loving :) I am glad to hear that there are some mommas out there teaching their children how to be a friend :)
    @ Joanne: ha. ha. i was hoping my "ps." wansn't too mean! lol And let me know if you watch the movie! It is great :)
    @ Danielle: I'm sorry you went through pain like i did, but i'm sure we're better for it :)
    Thank you, lovely! You are too sweet <3