Monday, October 25, 2010

Never Ever Ever! Day 6

Something you hope you'll never have to do.

*DISCLAIMER: i am aware that death is not funny, but all this death talk had me feelin blue.  i needed something to make me smile... :)
I never ever ever ever want someone anyone i love to die... again.  Death was introduced to me at a very young age.  When i was five years old, my big brother and best friend (i was a very chubby, very lonely little girl! lol), Timmy got hit by a drunk driver.  The moment i realized Timmy would never come back, it clicked.  Anyone could die, not just old people and bad guys on TV.  This sent me into a panic.  Could my mom die on the way to the grocery store?!?  I couldn't be apart from my family for too long before i would start to worry they might be dead.  I guess in a way this fear has followed me into my adult life.
I never ever ever ever! want to loose someone else i love.  I cannot stand the thought of loosing someone else.


  1. I agree with you and I am so sorry about your older brother. I couldn't imagine losing my sister.

    Take care friend!

  2. Although I've never personally lost someone....I have a tremendous fear of losing someone I love. I am and have become so attached to the people I love, and I find myself crying sometimes...just from thinking of the possibility. I couldn't imagine what I would do if I lost a family member, or even Travis. I DO know it would not be pretty ;)but, I can't let that fear scare me into paranoia (sp) btw, i was just talking with someone very random about Timmy a few weeks ago.

  3. Hey, Megs! About Timmy? Really, why?!!? Do you remember him?!?