Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 5 :)

 Something you hope to do in your life. 

This is my "bucket list": a list of things i want to do before i kick the bucket :) i hope to keep adding to it and crossing things off as i do them.
ps. they're in no particular order!

♥ Get on a public bus, and get off at any random stop.
♥ Play hookie from work with the hubs :) 
♥ Kiss on a roller coaster, just as the camera takes our picture. 
♥ Pay for a stranger's meal at a drive through
♥ Take a strip dancing class ;D
♥ Sing Karaoke in a public place.

♥ Go skinny dipping :)
♥ Piercing (other than ears)
♥ Take a camping trip (for real, with a tent and everything! lol)

♥ "Adopt" a family and buy them Christmas gifts
♥ Learn to ride a bike
♥ Slow dance with my man to a romantic song (just like in the movies)
♥ the naked pumpkin run ;D
♥ Dance in the rain ♥ 
Dye one strip of my hair hot pink

♥ Watch a drive-in movie
♥ Looooooong road trip with the bestie (Gail and Oprah style ;) )
♥ Get married to the man i love

♥Live in a loft apartment, and make each wall a canvas for my art :)
♥ Take a trip... on a train!
♥ Have at least one child with my husband <3


  1. I love this! You listed so many wonderful things! I hope that you get to do them all!

  2. Just stopped by from Lauren's blog. I think you should totally do the hot pink strip of hair, it would look rockin' on you! Have a great week!