Sunday, October 24, 2010


Sleepless night + image searching = 
A list of things i love <3  

We <3 It is the best :)

I have decided i NEED a mustache shirt.  I partially blame Lauren for this, for posting pics of  her adorable homemade stache shirt:

I first heard of this awesome company, Dogeared, from Eday, in her latest GIVEAWAY! Head on over and ENTER :) :) :)
Card reads:
from humble beginnings as a grain of sand, the pearl slowly grows into an object of beauty and simplicity. symbolic of honesty, integrity, prosperity, and wisdom. pearls represent the best within us. let your necklace be a daily reminder of the beauty that shines from a loving heart. enjoy and believe!
i love this because i see myself as a pearl :) it started out nitty gritty, no better than sand or dirt.  But with patience and time, my life will show the beauty inside :)

I want this... NOW! I love zebras! And i loooooooooooove hats :) This one is from Hot Topic. So so so cute <3

I will have to add some of this to my Christmas Wish list :)
I'm going to bed now... for real!


  1. ah! now you made me want all of these things!! especially everything mustache. jealousy!

    and isnt dogeared the greatest?? :)

  2. lol.
    YESSSSSHHHH!!! Now, i just have to figure out a way to subtly hint it to my hubby ;D lol

  3. ahaha, im deeply sorry, for your new need for a mustache shirt! haha , and just a little hint! there will be something coming up in about a month or so, where you CAN win a mustache shirt! just saying! :) haha, im also thinking of selling them on etsy, but thats a little ways a way!

  4. HaHa! It's okay :)
    Yaaaay! i can't wait!!!
    I would totally buy one! i loooove it!