Monday, April 25, 2011

A Love Letter

Can you believe it's been a year? A whole year since I gave you my heart...
I know you knew all along I'd be yours someday. It must have broken your heart to see me fighting it.  How many times did you whisper for me to come to you?  Did you want to give up on me???

It breaks my heart to know I must've hurt you.  I'm sorrowed by the number of years wasted because of stubborn pride.  Please forgive me, and know I'm sincere when I say my heart is yours...finally.

Everyday I learn things about you that leave me amazed. I still don't understand how you: all knowing, compassionate, just... gave  up EVERYTHING important to you, so that you could have me forever even though you KNEW I would reject you year after year.  Or how could you paint a sunset, but still call ME beautiful??? OR how could such a mighty God long for my praises the way I long for His love???  I am so relieved to know you are not all of the things so many Christians tried to tell me you were for twenty years.  I am still learning, and I pray you'll continue to draw me in and teach me about you. Thank you for giving me friends that encourage me to learn and a husband that shows me glimpses of you.
I can never repay you for taking my battered heart a year ago today.  For loving me even though you know every flaw, every heart break, every mistake. I am so in love with you. And yet I know it doesn't compare with the love you have for me.
I cannot wait to live with you forever <3
Make it come soon.

All yours,
Kristi Renee