Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 29 :)

Something you hope to change about yourself. Why?

Oh, goodness. I am constantly trying to improve myself.
And, sometimes i am waaay to hard myself.
I have a severe case of perfectionitis.
It is easy to feel like i'll never be "good enough".
And that's something i've been trying to come to grips with::
I am always changing. And there will always be was to improve.
I can never be perfect.
But, that's okay, God made me perfectly imperfect.

there is one BIG thing that i am really trying to change:
i want to be more HONEST about how i feel about things.
In general, i am a super honest person. When i worked at the preschool we had to write down what time we came in. If i walked in at 12:03, that is EXACTLY what i wrote down. lol. I do not like lieing and i HATE to be lied to.
I often over look it when someone asks how i feel about something or what my opinion is, and i change it so it's what they want to hear...
that's STILL lieing.
Sometimes, i don't tell people how i feel to save there feelings.
Other times, i don't give my opinion because i know they won't agree or I don't want to be rejected if i'm wrong.
And often, when it's someone wanting to know about me, (how i am, what's going on with me...) i'm not honest because i don't want to be a burden.

That severly screws things up.
I have some "friends" that are only my friends (eh,um... and some "family") because they "know" i will tell them exactly what they want to hear.
And then, i have some real friends that miss out on some great advice and just knowing a super cool girl because i keep my mouth shut.
And, i miss out. Because, most people don't really know me :/

Lately, i have been working on it.  It all started with my beautiful (and quite honest) friend, EMiLY :)
She told me that if i wanted her hear me, i had to speak up. She let me know that she is honest with me because she loves me. Even when it hurts, she tells the truth out of love. And by not being honest with her, I am not returning that love.

I decided, I will start speaking my mind :) ESPECIALLY when i am ASKED.
And if you don't like it, don't stick around.
I'm not holding you here with a gun.
AND you ARE asking for it.
My guess is, once people know what's in that crazy head of mine, they'll learn wether or not they truly want to ask! haha.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

OH, BABY! Day 28 :)

What if you were pregnant, what would you do?

AHHHHH! i would be so excited!!!
I am so excited about being a mom

Our babies will be chunky lil monkeys
probably with blue eyes, freckles and dark hair :)
i can't wait to see them!

There is nothing sweeter than baby fat rolls ;)
 And when i do get pregnant (even if it's not in my planning) I will be soooooooo exciteddd!
I know God will bless us with children in His own time. And when He does, we'll be ready :)

I love imagining our baby birds :)

Thankful Thursday :) 01/27

Dear Skype,
You are the best thing since Cherry Coke ;D Thanks for making it possible for me to see my hubs even though he is three moons away, in Iraq.  I love seeing his smiling face on the screen :) I miss him terribly, but for just a few minutes you make me forget about the distance.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 27 :)

So, i'm totally skipping days! Day 26 was tooooooo depressing. lol
What’s the best thing going for you right now?

The best thing? Well, there are sooooo many good things in my life. 

The BEST job evvvvver :)

AWESOME friends :)

TWO lovingly nutty families ;)

AND the love of a handsome soldier :)

But best of all, I have Jesus in my heart :)
He'll still be with me when everyone else is long gone <3


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 25

It's been a while, but i'm back to my thirty days :)

The reason you believe you are alive today.

i honestly don't know.
and sometimes that makes me feel like wasted space :/

"But Grandmother Willow, What is my path? am i ever going to find it?!?"

I am still searching for my purpose in life... I don't know what I am supposed to do, where i should live, what classes to take...  However, I know that God wants me to be the best wife to silas I can, a loving friend, and encouragement to others around me. 
Then, he will bless me with more :)


Friday, January 21, 2011

Here's the plan, Stan ;D

WHAT?!?! No posting in twwwwwoooo weeks?!? What can i say... i've been out of it :P lol.  I have been enjoying a few too many pity parties when i should be finding positive ways to let go :) Praying & blogging being at the top of the list.
So, as usual, i have a plan!  I am going to try to set aside one night a week to blogging.  And, i ask all of my blogg-reffic buddies to keep me accountable.  If i miss a week, First, make sure i'm not dead... and then, harass me till i get my blog on! lol. 
I am so exxxxcitedddd about FEBURARY :) it is my favorite! Valentine's AND my birthday?!? YES, PLEASE! I have many ideas for themed blogging next month and i plan to pick back up on my thankful thursdays :) So, stay tuned :) XoXo.

ps. I don't have glasses anymore :D Don't worry, i'll always be a nerdy girl ;)

My first day with contacts :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm a believer :)

I've been thinking lately... I have a lot of strong beliefs.  It took me a while to get here, but finally i stand beside them and claim them for my own.  Some are quirky, and some are life changing.  I hope you enjoy reading them!

ps. you may not agree, and that is fine :)

I am a firm believer:

Jesus is God's son.  He died on the cross. FOR ME.

Bubble Baths = therapy.

Skype is heaven sent :)

Lucille Ball is the funniest woman who has ever lived and my momma is the strongest.

Family comes FIRST.

Pretty undies are magical.  They can make you feel SEXY on sweat pant days!

My Husband and i are a PERFECT match <3

There is beauty in everyone.

Thunder & Lightening are only the result of my brother, Timmy's, very intense bowling game with the angels in Heaven :)

My God is a God of second chances... I am a result.

"Real men want curvy women.  Only DOGS want a BONE."
(Thanks to elizabeth lane & her oh so wise daddy!)

Black & Brown DO NOT go together in ANY circumstance :P  

My God is an artist, like me.  Only he's good ;D lol.

My nanny makes the best cookies ever... must be the love.

Freckles are angel kisses :)

The Bible is a love letter... to me.
(& to you too.)

Every thing happens for a reason.

The best sound is laughter, the best smell is gasoline :)

EVERY Child is a miracle.

Any man looks good in uniform ;)
{mmmmm hmmmm.}

I am here for a reason...
i just don't what it is yet.

What do you believe?!? I would love for you to share it!

2010 :: i learned my lesson :)

I've always been a firm believer in learning from others mistakes.  It's much better to sit back and listen to the things other people have learned than from experience, then to learn the hard way :P So, from using parchment paper for my cookies to marriage advice i always listen.  BUUTTTT. there are some lessons you must learn yourself, no matter how messy or hurtful they can be.  2010 was a year of lessons for me.  And in hopes that they might help you or at the least, make you bust a gut, here are my learned lessons for 2010::
  • Never underestimate my God.  He can do what we think is "impossible".
  • Don't try to drive your car into a ditch... it's not pretty :P lol.
  • NO doesn't always mean NO.  Especially coming from a two year old.  lol.  No could mean "no", or probably "maybe", sometimes "yes", or even, "They are on top of the shelf on the left side." lol
  • Relationships (of every kind) are hard workkk. ...but so worth it :)
  • EVERYTHING happens for a reason.
  • Vanity has big bottom jeans... HALLELUJAH :D
  • Don't write people off.  Just when you think there is no hope... they can surprise you.
  • I am quirky. Okay, some of you don't look shocked... but i SWEAR, i just learned this about myself! lol
  • The entire phenetic alphabet... i am a KA Army Wife ;D
  • Crocheting is not JUST for old ladies ;D
  • Smallville is the best show in the whoooooole world!
  • People get mad. They fight.  They argue. They say things they don't mean... it doesn't mean they'll walk away.
  • KARMA is a ..... , AND I LOVE IT :) :) :)
  • i looooooooooooooooove Starbucks (Thank you, cia! lol)
  • I am destined. to... become... my mother ;D lol
  • The guy who invinted skype was an Angel :)
I can't wait to see what God has for us in 2011 <3