Thursday, October 7, 2010

i wish i was that cool!... Lauren/The Perfect Pear :)

There are so many remarkable people i stumble upon (oh, the internet is a glorious thing! ;D).  You know what i mean, those people that make you think... "i wish i was that cool!" Well, this is a series dedicated to all of you inspiring people :)

My first remarkable person is Lauren! She is a fellow blogger. Her blog, The Perfect Pear is one of my favorites! She puts her quirky style into every post :)  My favorite series' from her are "Wednesday's Theme" and "DIY SUNDAY" 
Check out her DIYs! They  are some of the best I've seen.  They are chic, clearly instructed, and very inspiring!

Keep those rockin blogs comin, girl friend!

...dang, i wish i was that cool :)


  1. Ahaha, I love this post! thanks so much :) I'll be doing your sometime soon! and you are JUST as cool :) (especially with your mustach mug :)

  2. I agree with lauren... your mustache mug is AHmazing! haha

  3. ha.ha.
    thanks katie :) i made it myself!!!