Monday, October 18, 2010

10.10.10 - Converse & Wedding Bells (er, drums...) ;D

WOWZA! This week has been crazy busy :) But that is not a complaint! I like being busy... it's a nice change!!! lol

It started last weekend with my cousin, Katie's wedding.  Katie has always been my favorite cousin.  She is absolutely the sweetest person you've ever met, but completely genuine.  I am the youngest of all my cousins, and five years younger than Katie.  Though everyone else saw me as "the baby" Katie never seemed to mind my company.  She is always helping everyone else: throwing a party/shower, cooking, cleaning- if there is any kind of family function Katie is probably in the middle of it.  So, it was nice to watch her have a day of her own, where we all had to help her :)

Sunday, October 10th, Katie got married at the elementary where she teaches first grade.  The whole place was decked out in fall colors and the theme: "Live. Laugh. Love" was strong.
Everything about the wedding was fun and light hearted.  Everyone in the wedding party wore converse tennis shoes (the groom, Scott's favorite) including my grandma! 
my aunt & uncle in converse :)
Nanny and her sparkly tennies :)

There were a few Surprises :)
Katie & Scott's Pooches, Hippy & Calli are flower girls!!!

Scott had the Drum Line from his High School play as they exited! It was Awesome :)
The Ceremony itself was so sweet.  As we were watching Katie come down the aisle looking so beautiful, my sister turned to me with tears in her eyes and said, "Do you see Scott?"  I quickly turned to look at him.  The guy who I've seen bust out in song, where tennis shoes with a tux, and always up for a laugh, was sobbing as he watched his bride come towards him :) He was so happy to finally be there in that moment!  Before exchanging vows they both told each other how much they loved the other and how happy they were to start a new life together. I am so happy for Katie and i can't wait to watch her and Scott grow together :)
Congratulations Katie & Scott May :)


  1. I wore converse to prom, I wish my mother could have let me get away with converse at my wedding. Alas, I wore heels. Boo.

  2. What a cute and fun wedding! That's what they should all be about, but that little fact often gets lost!

    I hope you have a wonderful day!


  3. @ Brooke: Converse to prom? that's awesome :)

    @ Danielle: I totally agree! i think weddings should show off the personality of the couple :) i hope your day is great too :)

    thanks for following ladies! xoxo.