Friday, October 22, 2010

Glass slippers are SO last season... ;D

Last Night i went to my first Battalion Ball :)
A ball! With evening gowns and dancing? like Cinderella?
Well, sort of... ;)

It was... INTERESTING :)
When we got there we quickly pushed through the crowd until we found someone (anyone) that we knew.  Many guys thrust there hand in my direction introducing themselves (and occasionally a girlfriend/wife), and then shuffled past me, leaving me with no memory of the name they just tossed at me. 
Finally we found a guy in Silas' Squad, named Loy and his wife, Lindsey (who is only SEVENTEEN! but such a sweetie :) )
Me & Lindsey at our table :)
They quickly informed us that we were at their table, but the doors to the dining room would not open for another hour!  AWESOME.  I looked at silas and rolled my eyes.  And he quickly explained, "They said we had to be here by six."  "Didn't you tell me 5:30?" "Yes.  But i didn't want to be late..." DOUBLE AWESOME. lol
Finally when the doors were opened we had to go through a receiving line with the big shots (i have not idea exactly who they were) but they were all very nice :) which, made up for the fact that Silas and i were very first to go through!!!
Before dinner we had toasts (to just about everybody and their wife... lol).  And of course they had to do this whole ceremony with making an alcoholic suicide to toast with.  It had vodka, wine, rum, some guys socks, a horse shoe, and even a bullet in it by the end (each thing represented a platoon or army value).  Needless to say, we toasted with plain old water!!! lol
Dinner was pretty good :) and dessert was even better! Then we took some time to take pictures and catch up with our friends at other tables.
Ben & Silas :)

Some of the guys from 1st platoon

Jess, Me, & Janna Beth :)
The speaker was awesome! He was an older soldier, near retirement. He talked about the importance of familes to their soldiers.  As he talked it made me feel like i had such a great purpose.  I am so proud of my soldier, and i will do what it takes to make sure he has a reason to come home :)
After his speech, the guys all sang the infantry & army songs.  It gave me goose bumps to hear my man standing behind me singing loud and proud with conviction in his words :)
Soon after that they started up the music and we headed home to start the real party ;D


  1. Aw! It sounds like you had a wonderful time! And you look absolutely beautiful! I got goosebumps just reading this!

  2. Awh <3 Thank You!!!
    i did have a great time :)