Friday, September 24, 2010


I love. Love. LOVE Halloween! It is one of my favorite Holidays :) lol. Hince, my adorable blog background :D

Zombie Sisters <3 Halloween 2009
Who doesn't love an excuse to dress up crazily and be whoever/whatever you want...?!? I was never allowed to dress up when i was younger (unless it was for a church event, because Halloween is evil, don't ya know?!? lol). But every opportunity i get to dress up, i take it! The first time I dressed up I was Miss Piggy (my big brother was Kermit). I was five years old, and we had to keep our trick or treating a secret so we wouldn't get in trouble! Since then, I've been Luci Ricardo (I Love Lucy), a zombie sister (one of three), Dopey (my big sister was Snow White), and King Ethud (from the Bible). We don't have any plans for dressing up this year, but these are a few of my favorites for 2010:

10. Neyturi from Avatar.  
 i think this is very creative! Though, whoever wears this costume should be very confident in their figure! ...not just anybody can pull off a full body suit in colbolt blue! lol

 9. Pregnant nun & Priest :O
i don't care who you are this is freaking Hillarious!!! lol

8. Micheal Jackson!!! OW! OW! :D
i'm not a huge fan of mr. jackson, but i do love his music :) and he's a good subject for a costume, easily recognizable.

8. Bun in the Oven & Baker
What a cute idea for a pregnant couple! So adorable <3 and very Creative!

 7. Preggo Snoopy! 
i love pregnant bellies anyway, but this is just adorable! Great idea for having fun with the belly!

6. Mario & Luigi
What a cute take on the famous duo!

 5. Trophy Wife ;)

4. Woody <3 Bo
i looooooooooooove this :)

3. Lucille Ricardo <3
Everyone knows how much I Love Lucy!

i have this costume! loooove it :)

this is freaking adorable! AND SO NOT HELPING MY BABY FEVER :P lol

2.  Minnie Mouse <3 
I love Minnie Mouse! i would totally wear this costume and ROCKKK it :) :) :) lol

1.  Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head <3
my favorite :) 

What are you gonna be for Halloween? I would love to hear your ideas and even see a picture :)

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