Thursday, February 24, 2011

Twenty ♥ One

I had the best day today.

...and a lot of people worked super hard to make it FABULOUS :)

First it really started on wednesday night.  I went out to BWW with my besties, Hannah & Scarlett. I got my PINKTASTIC gifts from Hannah & Scarlett. Pink perfume from the hannah and the best of PINK from Scar :) Then we went back to Scarlett's for some Karaoke.  AND I ROCK FACE AT KARAOKE :D :D :D lol.

Then, I was awaken (not a pretty sight) suddenly at 6:30 am on Thursday to a breakfast with Hannah, Scarlett, and my roomie Cia :) :) :)  Cia started a scavenger hunt for me full of clues to 21 presents :) Among my gifts were jewelry, zebra nails, a scarf, eye shadow, Ramona and Beezus, a book of fake tattoos ;D and a starbucks gift card.
As soon as I got to work Ivy and Fox met me at the door with ballons and cards singing "Happy Birthday". SO SWEET <3

At work, my brother in law, Marlin brought me a chocolate cake and a rose :) Then i had lunch with lil miss Ivy and my momma :)
When I got home, Cia made me dinner and we ate with My mother and law and Moses and Adria.
After they left we got Andy's and now we're watching "Life As We Know It" :)

It was the perfect day <3 Filled with kind words, phone calls, texts, gifts, and love.
I am so blessed.

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