Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i love a NINJA ;)

Next up for the "Love Themed Posts"

This is Cory. He's a ninja :)

I absolutely love this guy! We go waaay back... like way back to the days when Justin Timberlake was a nerd. :P haha.  Church buddies since 97 :) Then, in fifth grade i moved across the street = neighbors & bus buddies, and church terriozers ;D From then on, we couldn't get rid of each other. At school we were in all the same clubs, most of the same classes and of course we still attended the same church faithfully. When we started driving we'd car pool, and he was my escort to our first prom and at graduation. We even ended up at the same college after graduation. We just seem to always be "stuck" together. But, that's okay because neither of us seem to mind.

My escort at Gradutation :)
I love having Cory around. He has always been my best guy friend :) He's so chill (which is good bc i'm high strung! lol) and he's so easy to be around. And he can always make me feel better about any situation...He has ninja powers!  I think my favorite thing about him is he truly loves me for who i really am. I don't have to pretend with Cory. He's known me through the worst, and he's still here... and, he always will be :) 

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