Thursday, February 3, 2011


I am dedicating this "Feburary Love Themed" post to my nephew, Carson Dale <3

This boy is terrific :) I love him so much. 

These are the reasons why:
  • So Silly! He always makes us laugh ;D I love that even when he's trying to be serious, he makes me smile :)
  • He is the only eleven year old i know that knows more about politics than most voters.  When i was voting in 2008, he was informing me of the facts! lol  He'll be president someday... and when he is he will remember his favorite aunt ;D
  • He has a fashion sense! He likes to ask me my opinion about his wardrobe ;) i love that!
  • He always has my back. When he thinks someone is being mean to me he has a fit!
  • We both LOVE basketball.
  • He loves KU-- just like me! And we have so much fun making fun of KState together :P lol
Carson & Uncle Silas :)

I LOVE my Carson Dale!
Happy eleventh birthday, handsome!



  1. Aw!! This was really sweet! He seems like a cool kid!

  2. Oh, happy birthday to the little man. He sounds like a great kid.