Thursday, February 10, 2011

God must have spent a little more time on you :)

I have someone very special to me to introduce to you for this "Love Themed" post:

but it embarasses her when i say that in public, so you better call her DEBBY.

She is beautiful. Inside & Out <3
Debby was my very first neice. She was born when I was five years old :) I thought she was so special that she was my show in tell in Kindergarten! I was definitely the coolest because i was already an "aunt" and i wasn't even old! lol
The very next year my big brother, Timmy was killed in a car accident. I've always believed that God took Timmy, and sent us our angel, Debby.

The first time I held Deb :)
Debby was born premie, and she had a really rough birth, with several seizures in the birth canal. Though the doctors thought she was fine, It didn't take long to notice she wasn't developing right. She didn't walk until she was two and a half, and she was four before she started forming sentences. My sister took her to specialists, but they weren't sure how to diagnose her. Finally, several years later she was diagnosed with autism.

left to right: Sydney, Me, Ginny (debby's mom), and Debby

Autism means she has her share of trials. She will probably never get to live alone, be a teacher (her life long dream), and because she doesn't know how to express herself she has horrible melt downs.
But, through it all she shines :) She doesn't let any of this hold her back. Some people see autism as a "problem", but we do not. She's not a mistake, or dysfunctional.
She's so very smart, and an avid reader. She has the biggest heart of anyone i know.   On her eighth birthday she had a birthday party and donated all the presents to the CMN. She said they needed it more than her :)
I love to go shopping with her. She is brutally honest about everything ;D And You've never seen "Say Yes To The Dress" until you see it with Debby. She gets so into, she shouts at the girls which dress to pick! Baking, Shopping, or just doing crafts, she is always fun to be with.
Debby is our Angel... God just spent a little more time on her :)

Debby's a Princess at Disney World!
"How can it be that right here with me
there's an angel?
It's a miracle...

Your love is like a river
Peaceful and deep
Your soul is like a secret
That I never could keep
When I look into your eyes
I know that it's true
God must have spent...
A little more time
On you..."
A Little More Time on You, N*Sync


  1. aw this was so sweet. I am so happy that you introduced Debby to us. She seems so lovely. I don't see autism as a problem either. I see it as someone just a little more special than the rest of us and that song definitely fits children with autism. Love it!

    I hope you have a lovely day friend!

  2. so sweet. That is so funny that she gets really into that T.V. show.