Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Holy Frost Bite, BATMAN! It's a SNOW DAY :D :D :D

In Missouri, we are not used to snow. One inch and we're ignoring normal rules of the road and going at a snail's pace, Two inches and we cancel school. But on monday night when they predicted 6-12 inches there was panic.
People rushed to walmart to stock up for, SNOWMAGGEDON!!!
In Springfield, we did get 10 inches and it snowed alllllll day tuesday.
Cia (my roomate and i) lazed around all day :)
Then, today, Lycia finally convinced me to leave our nice cozy apartment and play in it with her.


After we de-thawed, we bundled up again & went sledding with some friends from Church :)

Sledding :D

Church Buddies :)

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