Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dear Kristi :) DAY 30!

AH! This is my LAST "30 days of Truth" Post! Enjoy :)

A letter to yourself:
Tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself.

Hello, Beautiful :) You are beautiful you know, in your own "wear-bright-colors, wrinkle-your-nose-when-you-smile, model-cheek-bones, snow-white-look-alike, silly" little way. Your freckles are my absolute favorite. And though i've known you for almost twenty one years I've never noticed how green your eyes are... good choice on the contacts!
Now, let's see... how bout that body! lol. I know you're insecure about it. But, just own it. You have a big butt, and i like it... i cannot lie ;D ha. 
But, the most important part of you is what lies beneath the Cullen skin and nerdy glasses...

You have a heart so big it makes your butt look under nurished ;) lol.
I know you'd do anything for your family, they are your heart beat.  
And you are loyal friend :) I am sorry you have been taken advantage of in the past. Don't give up on people. Keep that undying faith you have in others. That faith is almost child like, kind of like your ability to see the beauty in almost anyone. I hope you never loose that.
Stay positive :) i like that you can bring a smile to a saddened face.  

Although sometimes (okay, okay... most of the time... ) I am hard on you, I love you.
Don't forget to give God the praise for every breath you take.

xoxo. ME

ps. Did i mention i think you're sexy ;D haha.


  1. What a sweet letter to yourself! You are wonderful Kristi!!

  2. awwwwwwwwh. it's all so true :) :) you are ah.maze.ing.