Friday, September 10, 2010

i had the best day with you today ♥ Nanny

My Nanny is one of the most special people i know :)  When I'm with her she always has cookies and a smile to share.

Yesterday, on my trip home from Missouri, I stopped to spend a night with her.  I had no idea how wonderful the trip would be! We shared a pizza, the whole time Nanny chided me to eat more saying, "You can eat one more slice, can't ya? Please don't make me put away left overs..." Then, just as I'm about to bust, she pulls out peanut butter cookies!!!  After dinner, we sat in front of the TV, but we didn't pay one lick of attention to what was happening, there was far too much to discuss!!! As Nanny caught me up on each of my cousins, i noticed her socks.  The toes were stamped with the words "NO NONSENSE".  I just laughed to myself.  How fitting! My Nanny definitely is not one for nonsense!
When it was finally bed time we brushed our teeth, put on our pjs, and settled down into bed together.  We began talking about the way things used to be...  She told me about the things that make her eyes sparkle: when she met my pa at a wrestling match, the time he snuck out in the truck of a car just to see her, when she found out she was pregnant... She even shared the hurtful things: losing her first baby, watching my pa sail away, never knowing when she'd see him again, the day she found out Pa, the only man she's ever loved, was dying...  
This morning after breakfast, i took off toward's home.  As i drove away blowing kisses, i thanked God for Nanny & the most perfect day i could ask for <3
There will be forever a corner of my heart that belongs to my Nanny.

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  1. :) It's great to have a relationship like that. Too often, it's easy to get so caught up in the chaos that is life, and we forget to stop and enjoy simple things. I really think that the simplest days are the best. :) THis blog makes me want to go spend a day with my gramma.