Friday, September 17, 2010

the rebel that lives within.

This may come as a suprise to most of you, but deep within me, a REBEL rages.  That rebel is the one who wishes she could pull off a nose ring, dreams of hot pink highlights, and watches LA Ink :)

I love to hear the stories of the people who come in to have Kat (& other artists) cover them in ink.  Kat kind of memorizes me. There is something about her I find intriguing, even inspiring. I mean she's covered neck to ankle in tats and she wears them well! She looks so confident and beautiful with her artwork proudly displayed :)
So, i started researching her a bit. Okay, okay... i googled :D lol 
At fourteen, Kat got her very first tattoo, a "J" for her first love.  Now fourteen years later, Kat's body is a collage of portraits (she has Beethoven, her mother, brother, sister, & father), acronyms (including Beethoven's initials), pin up girls, and all kinds of art. 

Kat doing her work

Not only is she one fabulous canvas, but she's an artist herself.  She got her first job as a tattoo artist at sixteen, and now owns her own tattoo parlor.  Her specialty is portraits, and she is so talented!

beetle juice by Kat

Okay, so in case your wondering if i'll let the rebel out and get my own tatoo...  
I love to look at tatoos. I love to see my friends' tatoos.  I
love to hear the stories behind tattoos, but they aren't for me. I don't think they're wrong, just wrong for me. I have two main reasons that I won't get a tat.  The lesser, but still important reason: i am indecisive, there is no waaaay i could pick something i want on my body FOREVER :P and i feel like tattoos should have a good, solid meaning- and i just don't have anything i feel strongly about that i want on my body! lol And, the biggest reason i find in the Bible.  No, no... i'm not gonna use the classic Christian Cop-out, "My body is a temple" bit.  Which is true, my bod is a temple... but it can be argued that "tats = decoration and there's nothing wrong with that"... i dunno. Honestly, I'm not God (I didn't get the job ;D lol) and i don't know how he feels about that.  But i do know that Paul said there are some things that we can do, but it's better that we don't.  Tattoos fall in that category for me because some day I'm going to be a preacher's wife and mommy :) I don't want people's mis judgement to interfere with God using me in their lives :) That said, i still appreciate a meaningful tattoo!

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