Friday, September 10, 2010

my trip to "the top of the world" :)

One of my favorite places to go is a look out point close to our house, "On Top of The World".  Today, i went up there just to take a walk and pick some wild flowers. 

While i walked around, i couldn't stop thinking, "WOW! this is so beautiful!"  From the edge of the Hill I could see out above all the land around me.  I was there among beautiful open fields with wild flowers sprinkled here and there.  The beauty took my breath away.  I took time to tell my Creator how wonderful he is, how he amazes me.  I like to think of my self as an artist, but he is above all. 

And then, a thought came to me, this beautiful scenery is not his masterpiece- I am.  Me?!? with my freckles, wide hips, and monkey toes?!?!  He created everything- molded each snow flake, folded a butterfly's fragile wings, painted the zebras' stripes....
 and placed each freckle on my nose.  
He loves me the most out of all of his beautiful creations.  He loved me enough to watch His perfect son, Jesus die in my place, just so we can spend the rest of forever together <3

So, now i see this lookout as a place to not only remember who my God is, but to see who I am to him <3 

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