Wednesday, September 1, 2010

There's no place like... home?

When Silas found out he'd be at JRTC for almost a month, we both decided that it would be nice if I went "home" to Missouri while he was gone.  After Silas flew off to Louisiana for training,  and, the moment  I knew my little car could chug its way to Springfield, I was gone.  Now, two weeks later, I'm "homesick" :(  
WAIT!?!!? Wasn't that the point of coming "home"?!? 
So, is it Kansas I miss, with it's on-going fields of nothing-ness? Or our little apartment with bare walls and a dryer too small? And, why is it when i am in Kansas, Home is Missouri. But, in Missouri, Kansas is home?  
The more i thought about it the more I couldn't figure it out... WHERE IS MY HOME?!?! lol  Really? Have i been a nomad so long that I don't really even have a home any more?
But, then, last Sunday night, I realized what I was "homesick" for. It's not Kansas, even though Silas and I have a nice apartment there full of all of our belongings.  It's not even Missouri, with all my family and friends.  I'm homesick for xbox games that get way out of hand, tickle wars & the sound of his laugh, Sunday afternoon spaghetti, and curling up on the couch during a Smallville marathon...  Just like the saying goes, home is where your heart is. So, my home is with Silas.  He has my heart, and, he is my home <3 
...and like Dorothy said, there's no place like home :)