Thursday, January 27, 2011

OH, BABY! Day 28 :)

What if you were pregnant, what would you do?

AHHHHH! i would be so excited!!!
I am so excited about being a mom

Our babies will be chunky lil monkeys
probably with blue eyes, freckles and dark hair :)
i can't wait to see them!

There is nothing sweeter than baby fat rolls ;)
 And when i do get pregnant (even if it's not in my planning) I will be soooooooo exciteddd!
I know God will bless us with children in His own time. And when He does, we'll be ready :)

I love imagining our baby birds :)


  1. Not to be a downer, because this is a super cute post. But that baby can't be healthy!! I heard on NPR the other day, that if you over feed a baby on a regular basis, even just within the first 6 months of its life it has a greatly elevated risk of being overweight its whole life!!! Scary!

  2. HAHA! You're right. But most babies are a bit chunky, especially when they can't walk. This is just an extremity, and i thought he was cute ;D lol