Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm a believer :)

I've been thinking lately... I have a lot of strong beliefs.  It took me a while to get here, but finally i stand beside them and claim them for my own.  Some are quirky, and some are life changing.  I hope you enjoy reading them!

ps. you may not agree, and that is fine :)

I am a firm believer:

Jesus is God's son.  He died on the cross. FOR ME.

Bubble Baths = therapy.

Skype is heaven sent :)

Lucille Ball is the funniest woman who has ever lived and my momma is the strongest.

Family comes FIRST.

Pretty undies are magical.  They can make you feel SEXY on sweat pant days!

My Husband and i are a PERFECT match <3

There is beauty in everyone.

Thunder & Lightening are only the result of my brother, Timmy's, very intense bowling game with the angels in Heaven :)

My God is a God of second chances... I am a result.

"Real men want curvy women.  Only DOGS want a BONE."
(Thanks to elizabeth lane & her oh so wise daddy!)

Black & Brown DO NOT go together in ANY circumstance :P  

My God is an artist, like me.  Only he's good ;D lol.

My nanny makes the best cookies ever... must be the love.

Freckles are angel kisses :)

The Bible is a love letter... to me.
(& to you too.)

Every thing happens for a reason.

The best sound is laughter, the best smell is gasoline :)

EVERY Child is a miracle.

Any man looks good in uniform ;)
{mmmmm hmmmm.}

I am here for a reason...
i just don't what it is yet.

What do you believe?!? I would love for you to share it!


  1. These are all soooo good. and so you. :) p.s. my blogpost will be up in like 3.7 seconds.

    p.s. i think our friendship is like nailing jello to a tree. :D impossible.

  2. Hey I really like the part of the blog post "characters welcome" I read but I can only see the exerpt under the title, I can't see the whole thing...would you repost it so I can read it?...Love ya;)