Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 15

Someone/Something you can't live with out...
because you tried.

My Sunshine::Silas James.
I hate when we're apart :/
I'm dreadinggg deployment (just a few weeks... :P) because my life without silas is so...
He makes me :)
He is my very best friend.
We share everything:  inside jokes, a bed, and our dreams :)
We should get jerseys, cuz we make a good team
i hate. Hate. HATE! being without him.

There is a big difference between being apart for awhile and losing him all together.
I've only had to face that reality once, and thank God it was not permanent.
October 2008 Silas and i had a huuuuggge fight that ended in me slamming my door, screaming we're over and speeding away.
Think 90210... only real. 
I stormed to my dorm room and made it official.
THAT'S RIGHT: i changed my status on facebook to single!

And the next two days i didn't talk to him at all.
It was horridendous!
That's when I realized, I couldn't stand being apart from him.
When i aced my test, i wanted to call him up and celebrate over ice cream!
And who would take me to the new movie on friday?
I was lost without him.
...and one stupid fight wasn't worth losing what we had.
So after two horrible days, we met at burger king and made up :)
...and we haven't been separated since.

So, bring on deployment!
I can take temporary separation, as long as I still have my baby when it's all over <3

"You make me happy when sky's are grey...
You'll never know dear, how much i love you!
Please don't take my sunshine away" 


  1. so cute :) i hope the deployment time will go fast for both of you and he'll be back before you know it!

  2. I know your feelings. I can't stand being away from my husband for a long time. Even for a day seems like too long. I hope his deployment is a speedy one.
    Take care dear friend.